Saturday, January 30, 2010

We were very excited about this winter event!! So we woke up early, ate breakfast, and bundled up! We were ready to play in the snow!!!!!!!

When we went outside, we found out that the snow was too dry to build a snow fort with, but this snow was perfect for sledding!!!!!! So we went sledding. At first, we were taking turns going down the hill with our one and only double person sled. Then Carl and Miriam went back up to the house and started making a mountain. Christian and Bethany kept taking turns sledding for awhile until Christian left to gather some snow to make a ramp! Bethany sledded down once more then headed back up to see what Carl was doing. Carl wanted her to bury him in the snow. So she did! Miriam helped her a little and soon Carl was a big lump of snow!!!

Later on friends came out and we did some sled races together. After awhile, we went up the "big hill" in our neighborhood to sled down. We didn't go up to the top right away. Instead, we went sledding on a steep hill (In the grass area) with some other neighbors. That was fun and scary. Some people stayed on and some people flipped and fell over. This hill was so steep that it was very, very, VERY, hard to climb back up. We kept slipping down!! We finally started going up the hill. That took awhile because we were tired (just a little), we were in snow boots (not the best for running or walking in!!!) we were very bundled up, and it was steep! A neighbor pulled out all their sleds for people to sled down on!! They had a sled where you had to lie on your stomach and steer with the handles in front. We went up and down, up and down, up and down, up and down, and up and down for a long time!

We decided to head back up to our place and race again on our hill. We did that for awhile then came inside and rested!

Miriam's 9th Birthday!!!

Miriam had her birthday on January 22nd. she invited some friends over to her Webkinz themed party. It turned out great!! We had games, crafts, snacks, presents, and FUN!!! We had about 6 games and crafts to do. First, you would spin the cake gently. Then you would watch the cake land on something and you would do that craft/game. It was a lot of fun for everyone. My favorite part was making the little doll T-Shirt for any of our stuffed animals (for us it was all Webkinz!).
Miriam got many gifts this year. She got a watch with dancers on it, she got a holder for her American Doll, some markers, a Zumbuddy, a webkinz outfit, and many other assorted items. Miriam had a great time at her party!!!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Bubble Gum Experiment

Our friend Jeremy came over today to do a bubble gum experiment. He had 5 kinds of bubble gum and we had to try blowing a bubble with each type 5 times. He had Bazooka, Hubba Bubba Max, Double Bubble, Bubble Yum, and Bubblicious. The point of the experiment (with us) was to see which brand of gum was the best to blow a bubble. The hardest one for me was Bazooka. To me it was very thin when I started blowing.
Jeremy gave us two minutes to chew the gum up. Then we would blow a bubble and he would measure the bubble with his hand-made bubble measure. After measuring the bubble, he would track it down on his paper.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

It's Cold!!

It's cold! When it is this cold it should be snowing!