Monday, September 27, 2010

Washington D.C. Trip Update - Day 2

Woke up around 6:30 AM and headed down for breakfast. The breakfast was pretty much the same except we had biscuits n' gravy as the main course. After breakfast we walked out of the lobby and waited for the shuttle. The shuttle came, picked us up, and drove us to the metro station.

Today we were going to Ford's Theatre, The Petersen House, and the US Postal museum, and Carl's interview.

First, we did Ford's Theatre. When we arrived we were a bit early so we looked inside the gift shop while we waited. When the theatre and museum opened, we quickly grabbed our audio remotes and got started with the tour. The tour was excellent! I loved the museum area with all the facts about that time zone. Once we were all done with the museum part we headed up to the actual theatre. When we entered the room we heard and watched some people working on stage preparing for the next play. We quietly walked over to the room where President Lincoln got shot and peeked inside. We spent a little while there listening to the extra stuff on the audio remote (thing!) and waited on Carl video taping the room.
When we left the building we walked across the street to the Petersen house. We quickly walked through it and then walked back to the Metro Station. We hopped on a train and rode to the station where the U.S. Postal Museum was located. We spent a couple of hours there and then shortly afterward we headed toward Foggy Bottom where Carl was doing his interview. Once we arrived at the building a man who worked there greeted us and let us in his office (by the way this is the man who Carl is interviewing!!). Carl set up his camera and equipment then started his interview.
His interview went quite well. After his interview we went to Starbucks and mom got a pumpkin spice latte.
Capitol South was our next stop. We checked out the Library of Congress. We spent about half an hour there because it was about to close. We enjoyed it very much. As we were going out we had to go through security. Carl had just bought a book on D.C. and the security machine things (the ones that you walk through) didn't approve of that book. The guard had to ask Carl whether or not it was his. She let us through though.
Tonight we had sweet n' sour chicken for dinner at the hotel. It was delicious!! After dinner we pretty much rested up for the day ahead of us, which was walking around all day.


By Bethany

Friday, September 24, 2010

Pictures From Day 1

The top of the Capitol Building
Passing by the Library of Congress
The Spiral Staircase inside the Supreme Court
Carl the camera man
The Supreme Court (front view)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Washington D.C. Trip Update - Day 1

Today dad woke us up at 7 AM. We got up, got dressed and headed down to breakfast. Their main course was eggs and bacon, but there were some other things like yogurt, bagels, donuts, cereal, and oatmeal.
After breakfast we rushed down the elevator to the shuttle van to take us to the metro station. We waited for about 8 min and the van was still not there so we decided to go in our own car. We drove to the metro station and found that were no parking spots except ones that had a parking meter, which we couldn't do cause we didn't have that many quarters and we needed the quarters for laundry. Since we couldn't find any spots we drove back to the hotel and found the van parked in the drive through area to the lobby. The next ride was at 9 AM and we were there at 8:37 AM. We had to wait 23 minutes. So we went up to our room and waited.
Finally, we got into the van and we were off to the metro station. Obviously we were a running a bit later than we intended.
Now we were at the metro station and trying to get 6 7-day ticket passes. This was a pain! We tried getting the passes, but it only allowed two tickets per credit card. So we ended up using three different cards just for 6 tickets. Now we were definitely running later than we intended.
So we are on the metro for about 10-15 minutes until we get off at our station, Capitol South. We hopped off the metro and walked to the Supreme Court building. We just barely made it to the 10:30 lecture on the Supreme Court and the building. I thought it was fascinating! We learned about the friezes up at the top of the wall. It is so nice in there!!! The marble, the pillars...EVERYTHING!!!! The man giving the lecture also talked about who sits where and why.
After the lecture we ate lunch outside the Supreme Court. The weather was cool and breezy and the sky was perfectly blue! We had to eat quickly so we could make it to the Capitol building (right across the street) and be a bit early for the tour. We made it quite early for the tour. To use up some time we checked the Capitol building out and visited the first part of the exhibitions.
When the tour began we watched a 15 minute video on Congress. Then we lined up and got headphones that were connected to our guide's microphone so we could hear her better.
The tour was great. We got to see the Rotunda with many statues inside. It was very cool!
After the tour we had access to the House of Representatives Chamber. That was so exciting!! Carl and mom were probably the most excited, though. We sat there for about an hour and a half not knowing whether there was going to be a session or not. They kept moving things and that made us want to stay longer to find out whether or not they were having a meeting.
They ended up having a meeting after all!! I remember asking mom, "How long is a meeting?" She replied with the basic answer, "it can take a couple hours or a couple minutes". Today it was two minutes!!! That was really enjoyable to watch and it gave us a rest!!
After the meeting finished we headed out and walked toward the tunnel to the Library of Congress. Christian didn't want to go inside the Library of Congress he just wanted to see the tunnel. The tunnel turned out to be a hallway with facts on the wall...that were all the same!!! We reached the end of the tunnel and turned around.
We walked over to the gift shop and looked around. Then we walked back to the Supreme Court and visited the lower level of the building, which included a few exhibits, the spiral staircase, and a gift shop. First, we looked around at the exhibits and the spiral staircase. Then we watched a 24 minute video by C-SPAN about the Supreme Court Justice's and how they make their decisions. We thought it was fascinating.
Now we were headed to the metro station. We took a train to our stop and it took about 20-25 minutes. We got off the train and dad called our hotel so they could notify the driver of their shuttle to pick us up. The shuttle arrived shortly and we hopped on board. Once we arrived at the hotel, we rested for a few minutes in our room then went down to Dinner. Dinner was meatloaf w/ mashpotatoes. It was really delicious. Then we went up to our room and rested.

By Bethany Colglazier

Monday, September 20, 2010

Washington D.C. Trip

Having a great time at the park in Short Pump, Virginia!
Left to Right: Miriam, Jack, Elaine, Carl, Christian

Today we traveled up to Virginia! Along the way we visited our cousins, Jack and Elaine. That was a lot of fun! We stopped at their house and spent about 20-30 min then headed over to the park. This park reminded all of us (the Colglaziers) of Bond Park in North Carolina. It had a lake, a play ground, soccer field, and trails. We had a ton of fun. We arrived and kicked some soccer balls around then ate lunch. By the way it was a gorgeous day!
After lunch Uncle Carl, Dad, Jack, Carl, Christian, Miriam and I played a game of soccer. Jack was a tough player and he's only three!! He'll run up to you and steal the ball or block it with himself!!
Uncle Carl told us that when he's playing a game with his team he doesn't care what goal he goes to! He has the ball he'll score at the closest goal!!!!! :) We all had a really good time visiting each other!!