Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Lego League Tournament

We had our First Lego League Tournament Saturday, February 13, 2010. It went pretty well. Our robot, Charlie had some difficulties when running his missions in the actual tournament. We were practicing beforehand and it went great. The highest amount of points we programmed Charlie to get was 365 out of 400. So when we were practicing it was doing everything correctly. We were very excited and pretty confident that Charlie would do what he was supposed to do in the tournament. When it was our turn to run the robot we were disappointed to see Charlie get a score of 125. It was better than what The Charlie Bytes got the previous year, but we knew Charlie could do better! We got better scores the next two runs after that...only a ten point difference between each one. So our first run we got 125 points., on our second run we got 135 points then 145 points.

The first thing we did in the tournament was our project and interviews. We had a robotics interview, a team work interview and our project interview. So we did our project then answered some questions that the judges had for us. It was pretty easy.

At the end they were handing out trophies and plaques. First place would get a trophy and second place would get a plaque. The categories for each trophy and plaque were: Teamwork, Robot Design, Project, and Robot Runs (I'm not exactly sure if that was the actual name, but it is the basic idea of what it was). Unfortunately we didn't get anything and we were almost sure that we were going to get something for the Project because we had an excellent project! After the Award Ceremony, they listed some teams that were going to the State Tournament (all of North Carolina). They made it kind of like Extreme Makeover Home Edition by saying something to open the folder showing the list of teams going. We read the list and we were greatly disappointed that we didn't make it.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Charlie Bytes' Website

Here is the website for our First Lego League team, The Charlie Bytes: http://thecharliebytes.110mb.com/ Enjoy!