Saturday, August 14, 2010

Jamboree Day 10 - Wednesday, August 4

Slept under our tarps as the tents were already packed away. Slight rain most of the night. Big storm hit about 3:30. Were instructed to abandon camp and gather under the commissary tent. Moved cots and equipment around to protect them as best we could. Stood in the tent until 6:30. Quickly packed away my stuff and went to the Southern Region Headquarters to catch a bus to Rappahanack Gate to meet our bus to go home in. Bus finally arrived after a bit of a wait. Finished packing and getting ready while the troop loaded the bus. Departed around 10:00. Watched "The Incredibles" and most of "We Are Marshall". Slept through most of the first movie. Arrived at Triangle Towne Center at 2:00.

Jamboree Day 9 - Tuesday, August 3

Up at 6:15. Went with Carl and did the Flying Squirrel - a team of 7 runs as fast as possible pulling a rope which lifts a person up in the air about 40 feet very quickly. Went kayaking and canoeing with Carl. Went to see Martin Yan and got to sample an omelet made by scouts with his help - very good! Went back to camp to help tear down and pack up. Hot dogs and beans dinner.

Jamboree Day 8 - Monday, August 2

Up at 6:00. Out of camp early to get in line for mountain boarding. Long wait in line anyway. Carl caught up to me and we did it together. I sort of got the hang of it on the easy hill. Fell hard on my elbow on the hard hill and got treated for it. Carl scraped his leg and got treated for it. Back to camp to be scoutmaster in charge. Traded 2 JSPs with visitors to our camp. Had to return an ID to a scout in Troop 1910 and traded for a peacock JSP on the way back. Stew dinner. Went out and traded for 2 JSPs after going with Carl to get our wounds checked out and rebandaged.

Jamboree Day 7 - Sunday, August 1

Up at 6:15. Given the "wrong" breakfast which now had to be cooked making it difficult to get to services at 9:00. Most of the troop attended the service at our camp. Went with Carl to get lunch and then on the bus to the media relations tent. We got off the bus a few stops early to trade patches. Took pictures of Carl at the media relations tent. Walked to National Exhibits trading patches on the way. Went to the Bechtel Summit, Boys' Life, Sea Scouts and Armed Forces exhibits. Walked back to camp stopping at Technology Quest to see "NASA in 3-D" and touch a moon rock. Stopped at the Vault to take pictures of Pennsyvania patches. Stir fry dinner. Traded for a great train JSP after troop meeting.

Jamboree Day 6 - Saturday, July 31

Up at 6:00. Went back to the Conservation Trail to do some of the things I had missed. Back to camp at 12:00 to be scoutmaster on duty. Rest of the troop returned by 3:00 to get ready for the Arena Show. Lunchable dinner. I packed mine in my pack to eat later. Off to line up to go to the Arena Show a bit after 4:00. Got to the arena about 6:00. We had great seats! Pretty good pre-show and excellent Arena Show. The highlights were Mike Rowe, Switchfoot and the fireworks. Back to camp a bit after midnight.

Jamboree Day 5 - Friday, July 30

Up at 5:00 for the 5K at 6:00. 5K was very poorly organized and dangerous. Ran 22:40 and my leg felt OK. Took two buses to get to the public parking area with Christian and Carl. Went to the OA Village to check it out while waiting for the buses to arrive. Met Leslie-Jean, Bethany, Miriam, Dad, Mom and some of Troop 204 in the parking area. Went to Concessions for lunch. Walked quite a ways to get my lunch. Traded for a Crater Lake JSP on the way back from getting lunch. Lost all my lunch tags. Went to see the national and international exhibits. Went through the Merit Badge Midway. Went to the OA Village. Saw the arena. Guests left boarding their bus at 4:00. Traded for a San Diego Zoo JSP with panda on it on the way back to camp. Hamburger dinner. Went to the trading post with Christian but neither of us bought anything.

Jamboree Day 4 - Thursday, July 29

Up at 6:00. Watched over the campsite until noon putting "patrol crossing" signs on the gateway and organizing the leader area. Picked up lunch. Went to the vault (museum) at the Mysterium Compass during the rain storm. It was a great exhibit of historical scout items, by far the best I have ever seen. Went to see Jeff Gordon and Dale Earnhardt Jr. and hear them answer questions. Did about half of the Conservation Trail and earned a patch. "Spam and More" iron chef dinner. Walked around subcamps 18 and 19 trading patches including ones featuring Cheerwine and Bristol Motor Speedway. Got a Sun Drop to drink from a scout. Went to and from the shower in the rain.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Jamboree Day 3 - Wednesday, July 28

Woke up at 5:00. Cereal and bananas for breakfast. In class A uniforms and off to the arena show a bit after 7:00. Got to the arena at 9:10. Arena show was quite good but hot. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates gave a very good speech sharing some of his scouting experience. Other speakers were the Chief Scout Executive, Order of the Arrow Chief and Miss America who also sang. Also saw WWE stars, parachuters and a great drill team. Lots of water was handed out. The troop was dismissed after the show and the boys gave the scoutmasters their class A uniforms to return to camp. Grabbed lunch on the way back to camp. Went to escort back to camp two scouts from the subcamp 11 medical tent. Rode the bus back then handed off the boys to Scoutmaster Rob at the second bus stop. Walked back to camp stopping to shoot clay pigeons with a shotgun. Hit the first four but missed the last one. Jambalaya dinner. Relaxed at camp after dinner.

Jamboree Day 2 - Tuesday, July 27

Woke up at 5:30. Helped put the local team license plates on the gateway. Scrambled eggs for breakfast. Attended the Subcamp 17 flag raising ceremony. Took the long walk to visitor parking taking pictures and making a few stops along the way. Traded for a Star Trek JSP from the future birthplace of James T. Kirk (Iowa) along with their Hawkeye troop patch. Stopped at W.D. Boyce Council (my council when I was a scout) Troop 1036 and talked to their scoutmasters. They actually had a tent with them from my era and had a fabulous gateway. I later traded for one of their JSPs on my way back to camp. Decided on a meeting place for my visitors coming on Friday. Walked to Technology Quest eating lunch and taking some pictures on the way. Went through the Technology Quest exhibits. Saw a good science show and some impressive robots. Got a free t-shirt and memory card. Quickly visited Brownsea Island – a recreation of the first scout camp. Walked back to camp trading for a Blues Brothers JSP on the way. Handed out some patrol equipment. Taco dinner. Troop meeting. Shower. PLC at 10:00 and then to bed.

Jamboree Day 1 - Monday, July 26

Woke up at 4:00. Bought ice and put the frozen gallon milk jugs in the Igloo coolers with the ice. Had a nice breakfast of eggs, bacon and hash browns. Left for the Triangle Towne Center a bit after 6:00. Lots to do getting everything loaded under and into the bus. Departure was delayed because the bus from Fayetteville got stuck in accident traffic and arrived late. Troop photo taken in front of the bus before departure. Watched “Up” and “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” on the bus. Lunch stop of donated Chick-fil-A sandwiches at a rest stop. Group picture in front of our equipment truck. Went to the wrong entrance, but they let us in anyway. Some initial trouble setting up the shade fly, but finally found the rope and stakes to get the job done. Unloaded the truck and got camp set up started after our oddly shaped site got straightened out. Tents and flies were set up. Dinner of BBQ sandwiches, beans, cole slaw, peaches and rice crispy treats. Got the gateway mostly set up. Shower at 10:00 and then to bed.