Friday, April 22, 2011

Congratulations Carl!!!!

This past year, Carl entered a C-SPAN documentary contest called StudentCam. Last year he won second place for middle school his documentary called "Wasting Waste". This year he won the grand prize, which tops both high school winners and middle school winners.

Every year a representative for C-SPAN comes and has a presentation at the winner's school and presents them with their reward. Since Carl is homeschooled, though, C-SPAN came to our homeschool co-op, SEEK. We were all very excited the morning of this presentation. A man from the Cary Town Council, Jack Smith, attended as well as Keith Poston from Time Warner Cable. The presentation started with the representative for C-SPAN, Rachel Katz. The tech people in the back played Carl's video and then Jack Smith spoke a bit about Carl's documentary and topic and congratulated Carl. Next Keith Poston spoke a bit about Carl's accomplishment and how Carl's video will be on demand for Time Warner Cable after the interview is aired on C-SPAN. Carl was then awarded with a certificate with a case and a big check (something he really wanted)!!!!!

Carl's documentary:

Carl's reaction during the phone call from C-SPAN telling him that he had won the grand prize!

Watch Carl's video and interview on C-SPAN on Wednesday, April 27!!! (Video - 6:50 AM ET, Interview - 9:15 AM ET)